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Drinking from open cups is one of the usual challenges we all have encountered as kids. As we have been used to drinking from bottles for so long, drinking from something else, such as an open cup, or even a straw can prove to be very difficult. As it is now, most kids are adamant when it comes to adjusting to something new and it is not uncommon to see older ones drinking from old bottles. Still, it is easier to let kids start their journey to drinking from open cups to avoid oral problems like teething issues and to instill a feel of independence and confidence in their young minds.

Sippy cups are commonly used by parents to train their children as a transitional tool as regards drinking from bottles to regular open cups. These are also helpful in avoiding leaks and spills when kids are directly asked to drink from a regular cup. Sippy cups come in all number of shapes and sizes, and have a number of specialized features to fit most kids’ needs and preferences. Choosing the best sippy cup, however, can be a small problem because of the huge number of available types and variants. It is important to first identify your kids needs and possible areas that can have issues and after which, once can then get a sippy cup that suits you and your kid’s needs. Selecting a cup which addresses all these issues may not be easy at first, but with the large number of assorted cups out there, you can certainly get a perfect fit.

Here are the best sippy cups readily available in the market:

Trainer Cups

Trainer Cups will be your kids’ first cup in switching from the bottle. These can be the best sippy cups for milk because some still feature a replaceable silicon nipple. These is also the best sippy cup to transition from bottle as it helps ease your kid into the journey to drinking from an open cup through various features available across a wide variety of products. Here are three of some of the top picks for your kid’s best first sippy cup.

1. Philips Avent My Natural Trainer Cup

This 4 month sippy cup features a soft silicone spout and a silicone nipple to help in making switching smoother. It also has rubberized, easy-grip handles to help your kid hold onto to it easily. This cup is is fully compatible with other Philips Avent bottles and parts. It is positively received by buyers as a good trainer cup. The downside to this cup is that the top part is relatively easy to unscrew, making leaks more common, which is of the regular complains as regards this trainer cup.

2. Munchkin LATCH Transition Cup, 4 Ounce

This cup also has a soft silicone spout designed to be gentler with your kids’ gums. Its spout is flexible, mimicking the feel of a bottle nipple, to move with kids’ mouths. This cup is easy to hold because of its ergonomic handles, and has a snugly fit lid to avoid spills. However, the handles also make the cups harder to clean and more difficult to stow together with other household cups. This is one of the more expensive trainer cups in the market but offers value for money.

3. NOT Fashion Hearts Learner

The Fashion Hearts Learner also sports a soft spout to be gentle to young gums. It sports a pair of removable, easy-grip handles and features an air vent to reduce chances of swallowing air. They can simply be removed to help in the transition to holding the body of the cup instead of handles. As it is a Nuk sippy cup, it comes with a trendy eye-appealing design which can easily be your kid’s favorite cup. A reported problem with this product, however, is that the spout does not go well with teething kids as it easily gets chewed out. It is one of the more stylish cups out there for your young chic.

Strawed Cups

Strawed cups are better at preventing leaks and spills. The best straw sippy cup usually features spill-proof mechanisms and straws which are easy to drink from. It is ideal for kids who are well on their way to adjusting from the bottle. Spills and leaks are usually avoided because of the straw which lessens the need for the cup to be drunk from at a certain angle. A common downside to these cups is the difficulty of cleaning the straws. A strawed cup is usually the advisable sippy cup for 12-month old kids. This short list can help you on your way to find the best sippy cup with straw for your kids.

1. Munchkin Click Lock 2 Count Flip Straw Cup

This Munchkin cup employs a click mechanism to audibly ensure that the liquid is sealed inside to prevent leaks. Recommended for kids aged 12 months and above, its straw makes ideal for outdoor activities and meals. The cup is dishwasher safe and a breeze to clean. A reported problem of using this cup is the difficulty of getting the liquid out of the product through the straw. This cup sells two apiece.

2. Nuby 2-Pack No-Spill Cup with Flex Straw

This Nuby straw sippy cup features a silicone straw to help teething kids which can help kids transitioning from the sippy cup drinking to drinking from straws. Buyers, however, report a number of problems concerning this product. Among them are the complexity of the assembly of the no-spill mechanism, difficulty of getting the liquid out through the straw, and ease of breakage. This cup comes in 8 beautiful colors.

3. Zoli BOT Straw Sippy Cup

This Zoli straw sippy cup’s straw has a weighted ball mechanism which shifts to where the liquid in the cup is, making it easier for kids to drink from it and avoid spilling as there is no more need to tilt the cups. This is among the best straw cups for toddlers as its ball mechanism has received a positive response from buyers. A common complaint, however, as regards this product, is that it is a hard to clean and residue tends to accumulate in the straw.

Spouted Cups

Spouted cups are better fit for kids who are well on their way to adjusting away from the bottle. It has a harder spout compared to spouts and straws sported by trainer and strawed cups. A number of kids can very well already shift to an open cup right after training with their spouted cups. A common issue to look out for as regards spouted cups is the hardness of the spout as these may have an impact on growing gums. Below are some of the spouted cups readily available on the market.

1.The First Years Take & Toss Spill Proof Sippy

This cup is a cheap but durable sippy that you can get. It features spill-proof lids that are interchangeable with other Take and Toss products. Although reusable and easier to clean, these cups are still described as disposable and, as such, their shelf lives are lower than your average long-time cup.

2. Gerber Graduates Fun Grips Hard Spout Sippy

The Gerber Graduates Spout Sippy has features which can help your kid drink independently. Its spout is bite resistant and it comes in an hourglass shape body which is easy to hold on to. This cup is dishwasher safe and comes in 2 colors. The cup sells like hotcakes and is positively received by most buyers for its durability and its capacity to avoid leaks.

3. Playtex Sipsters Stage 3 Insulated Spout Sippy

This spout sippy comes with trendy cartoon prints to make drinking more enjoyable. The cup comes with a guarantee against spilling, leaking, and breaking. Buyers, however, often complain about its lid which, as it appears, is difficult to screw on. Spaces on the lid are often left unsecured which may lead to inadvertent leaks and spills. This cup is on the more expensive side of spout sippy cups but offers amazing value for money.

360 Sippy cups

360 Sippy Cups are the last sippy cups to take before taking up the regular cups completely. Notably absent in these cups are the spouts which may see more spills coming through. These are recommended sippy cups for 18 month old kids as they are finalizing their transition to an open cup around this age. Most of these feature to drinking appendages and only have a round drinking area to mimic drinking from an open cup. This is a feature to help young drinkers get used to the feel of just drinking from a lid without using any straw or spout.

1. Munchkin Miracle 360 Trainer Cup

The Munchkin Miracle Cup is a 360 cup which has handles making it easier for your kid to hold and drink from the cup while transitioning to something which has no straw, spout, or nipple. The cup has a 360-degree drinking edge which eliminated spills and is automatically-sealing as an additional guarantee. The pros of this cup are its spill-proof features, which are reported by many buyers as working, and its ease of use for kids – they can drink and wash the cup on their own with only minimal supervision.

2. Sassy 2 Count Grow Up Cup

This Sassy cup comes in fancy colors and also has a 360-degree drinking edge. Cupped with a silicon valve, it aims to help kids make the transition to drinking from open cups easier. It is reported durable, and resistant to leaks. Common complaints regarding this up, however, are the difficulty of assembly and cleaning. It is reported that its parts do not fit snugly which may lead to problems.3. Wow Cu

3. Wow Cup for Kids – New Innovative 360

The Wow cup, as with all 360 sippy cups, comes with 360-degree drinking area. This cup also features an auto-seal mechanism to avoid spills and leaks. It has no spouts and straws and liquid from the cup pours out by applying a little bit of pressure on the drinking area. It is durable and easy to clean as well.


When buying sippy cups, it is always better to see recommendations and sippy cup reviews by previous buyers, which are almost always readily available online, to avoid having untoward problems. Also widely available online are baby sippy cup reviews which can really help in choosing the first sippy cup when beginning to start the transition from bottles to open cups. Common areas to look at are durability, and leaking issues. It also won’t hurt to get a cup which is easy to wash and is not difficult to put together. Most of these cups are readily available online through various shopping sites, but they are as available also at physical stores – where you can get a feel of the cup first before proceeding to get one. This can help save effort and untoward stress as you get to see and feel first the cup and check if it is really good for your kids before cashing out.

Still, cups are made for every need and purpose and there is no strict transition guide to drinking from an open cup. It is important, however, to remember that cups must not hinder physical development, especially that of the mouth and the gums. Certain parts may also be choking hazards which should be avoided by the younger kids. Cups also come in all shapes and sizes to encourage kids when drinking especially if they can identify with their own favorite cup.

Remember, before buying, to know first what cup your kid needs, and to see if the cup that you are buying perfectly meets these needs. It is easy to get lost in the large number, sizes, colors, and shapes of all kinds. Bear in mind that you are shopping for you and your kids’ cup and drinking journey. Enjoy your cup-hunting experience!


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